If you are not already familiar with Poetry, this is a poetry project, so you’ll need this!

Getting Setup

See the Makefile for common commands, but for some basic setup:

# Installs the package with all the extras
make install

And you’ll want to make sure you can run the tests and linters successfully:

# Runs CI-level tests, with coverage reports
make test lint


A feature of the package is that it doesn’t stop you from running tests in parallel, such as by using pytest-xdist. As such make test runs the tests in a few different modes.

In general, you can simply run pytest, or e.x. pytest tests/fixture/database/ to run specific subsets of the tests.


First, install the docs requirements with pip install -r docs/requirements.txt, then use sphinx as normal. i.e.

cd docs
make html  # one-time build of the docs
# or
make livehtml  # Starts a webserver with livereload of changes

Need help

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